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Classic Dial Digital Hardness Tester , High Accurate Surface Rockwell Hardness Machine

Classic Dial Digital Hardness Tester , High Accurate Surface Rockwell Hardness Machine

Classic Dial Digital Hardness Tester , High Accurate Surface Rockwell Hardness Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Beijing China
Brand Name: Mitech
Certification: GB..
Model Number: MHR-45A

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,PayPal
Supply Ability: 50units per month
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Detailed Product Description
Preliminary Testing Force: 29.4N,tolerance±2.0% Testing Force: 147N、294N、441N,tolerance±1.0%
Measuring Range: HR15N:70-91、HR30N:42-80、HR45N:20-70、 HR15T:73-93、HR30T:43-82、HR45T:12-72 Display: Mechanical Dial
Rockwell Scale: HR15N 、HR30N 、HR45N 、HR15T 、HR30T 、HR45T Distance Of Indenter To Outer Wall: 165mm
Dimensions: 510*212*700mm Main Unit Weight: 65kg


Classic Dial Digital Hardness Tester , High Accurate Surface Rockwell Hardness Machine



Mitech MHR-45 A Rockwell Hardness Surface Test is a machine for tapering diamond or hard indenter alloy by pressing the surface of the sample to produce the recess of the material to achieve hardness measurement of the material by measuring the depth of the recess Based on the beginning of the principle . According to the statistics, the Rockwell hardness test is the most widely used hardness test method in the metallurgical industry with a use rate of over 70%. It is widely used in the areas of constant performance, ease of operation, intuitive and comfortable dial loading, metal processing and fabrication, failure analysis of various metallic materials, universities and research institutes and sophisticated metal detector and other materials.

Working Principle

The surface Rockwell hardness test is based on a diamond cone or a diameter of the ball head, with a small test force to press the sample surface hardness value. In the test, the initial test force is first loaded and the main test force is loaded. After pressing the specimen test surface, the main test force is removed, and the surface Rockwell hardness value of the measured metal material can be determined,according to the depth of the specimen indentation while retaining the initial test force.

As is shown in the figure below, 0-0 is the position where the diamond indenter is not yet in contact with the specimen. 1-1 for the initial test force under the action of the indenter position, press the depth of h1, the initial test is to eliminate the sample surface.It is not clean which is caused by the accuracy of the test results. In the figure, 2-2 is the position of the indenter under the total test force (initial test force and main test force), the pressing depth is h2.3-3,and the position of the indenter after unloading the main test force, for metal elastic deformation will produce a certain recovery, so the actual pressure into the depth of h3 h3.The main test force caused by the plastic deformation of the indenter into the depth of h is h3-h1. Rockwell hardness value determined by the size of h, the greater the depth h, the lower the hardness; the other hand, and the higher the hardness. Each press 0.001mm is a surface Rockwell hardness unit. The hardness value obtained is called the surface Rockwell hardness value, denoted by the symbol HRN (T).

Classic Dial Digital Hardness Tester , High Accurate Surface Rockwell Hardness MachineClassic Dial Digital Hardness Tester , High Accurate Surface Rockwell Hardness Machine

Classic Dial Digital Hardness Tester , High Accurate Surface Rockwell Hardness Machine

Rockwell hardness tester working principle Figure


  • Widely used for surface Rockwell hardness test with a variety of metal and non-metallic materials;
  • Using the classic design of mechanical device, data reading intuitive and convenient, easy operation;
  • Fast test speed, small indentation of the workpiece after testing ;
  • Option for various specifications of the indenter, support many types of Rockwell hardness scales testing ;
  • Diamond indenter, durable wear and accurate measurement;
  • Consistent with GB/T231 and other relevant standards at home and abroad.

The Scope of Application

Different hardness test scale can measure different ranges of the sample materials and hardness.The commonly used rulers of the surface Rockwell hardness are N and T.It is mainly used to measure the Rockwell hardness value of the metal surface layer and metal thin surface.

Scale Indenter Preliminary testing force(N) Testing force(N) Applications
HR15N diamond cone with 120°apex angle top spherical radius with 0.2mm 29.4 147.1 Nitriding steel, various steel sheets, knives and other parts of the edge and the surface treatment part
HR30N 294.2
HR45N 441.3
HR15T φ1.5875mm(1/16 inch steel ball) 147.1 Soft steel, yellow steel, bronze, aluminum and other sheet
HR30T 294.2
HR45T 441.3


  • Used for quality control in metal processing manufacturing
  • Used for failure analysis testing of metallic materials;
  • Demonstration experiment for education and teaching in Colleges and Universities;
  • Hardness testing of materials in scientific research institutions.


Configuration instructions NO. Name QTY. Remarks
Standard Configuration 1 Main unit 1  
2 Diamond Rockwell indenter 1  


1/16in ball indenter

4 Counterweights 3  
5 Thermal printing paper 1  
6 Small testing table 1 Diameter 40mm
7 Large testing table 1 Diameter 150mm
8 V-shape testing table 1 Diameter 40mm,test cylindrical specimens

Rockwell Standard Block



Surface Rockwell Standard Block



Surface Rockwell Standard Block


12 Plastic dust cover 1  
13 Attached files 1  
14 ABS instrument case 1  

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